Welcome in Chemnitz!


Welcome to all international students!

Dear Student,

We would like to welcome all of you who have come to Germany to study or do research.

Are you feeling lonely? Missing your family and friends? Do you feel homesick? We would like to help you get in touch with German people or families, who would invite you to their homes and get to know you. There you can learn something about the German way of life, too.

Welcome in Chemnitz is run by a group of Christian students who would like to help you find new friends here in Germany. Some have experienced hospitality in foreign countries and have known that feeling of loneliness in a place far away from home. That's why we offer you contacts to German families in and around Chemnitz.

Your hosts will be Christians, who will welcome you regardless of your home country and religious belief. They will take the initiative to invite you to visit them for a snack, a meal or something else. After the first meeting, you and your host will decide about further meetings.

If you are interested please fill in the form at the backside and send it to us (Vettersstraße 70, number 136) or register on our website.

We will contact you and send you further information.

We would be very happy to hear from you!
Your Welcome in Chemnitz team

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